Film Development and Production Network


PERSPECTIVE PICTURES LTD. is a new film production company, based in Harpenden UK. We specialise in project development and production of films, music videos and commercials. Our goals are the creation and production of high quality entertainment and advertising, appealing to a broad audience spectrum. In addition to our main objectives, we are building a resource network of artists, craftsmen, businesses and property owners.

What does that mean in detail?


Story and script writing.

Establishing a project’s overall creative vision, how it might be achieved on film, and what makes it compelling and distinctive in the current marketplace.

Project timeline and outline cost.

Overall strategies for packaging and financing once the project has been delivered.


Filming and editing facility management

Location management

Casting management


Artists, craftsmen, businesses and property owners are welcome to join our resource network. You would be able to advertise your intellectual and business work on our web page in the intellectual property and business services vault (IPBS vault). Property owners will be able to advertise their properties in our filming locations database.

We believe that would be a great opportunity for all sides to expand their marketing and branding into new industries, which would create positive public relations.