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In Plain Sight

“In plain sight” is a short film. The subject of the film deals with the troubled lives of ordinary people after the financial crisis caused by the banks’ collapse in 2008. The film story is based on real events, altered and developed to a fictional crime-drama-comedy with a cynical twist.

After the collapse of the banks, the government had to execute saving cuts through the entire financial sector in need to bail out the banks. As a result, many people got their work hours reduced or lost their jobs completely. People lost their homes, their families, and even some took more drastic personal measures.

In a short period of six months the film story follows the lives of three friends, working as cleaners for a subcontracted cleaning company by several banks in the UK. Pushed to their knees by the system, the three main characters transform from being ordinary people, working and paying their taxes, to elaborate con-artists or as they call themselves “Bangsters”. They decide to take private justice on the banks, taking from them, as they believe, their well deserved “Bonus” of £10.000.000…

King of London - Location shot

Actor George Nikoloff on the Set of KOL in London.


Orphans Know More Interview

Orphans Know More is a relationally based charity working to bring global communities and people closer together. We operate as a ministry of the international charity Youth With A Mission (Registered charity No. 264078).


Orphans Know More believe that the best way to tackle the international orphan crisis is to care for children in families. Sam Kisolo, a former HIV/AIDS counsellor, has taken more than 11 orphans into his family over the years (along with his 4 biological children) and cares for many others in the wider community. Some of these former orphans are now grown adults.  When asked why he feels that adoption, rather than opening more orphanages is of such importance he replied,

“Placing children in families gives them the right to be children again. They no longer have to live with the stigma of being an orphan, but become a child again as a part of a family.”

The Jinja Region in Southern Uganda is where Orphans Know More has its pilot project. 20 local families care for 140 children as their own, offering love, acceptance and care without condition. These families still function as a nuclear unit free from institutionalisation, inspiring hope in us that this model can be replicated on a larger scale. Stronger families within the network also care for other families that may be headed by a widow who is HIV+. In this way we can partner together to strengthen more families also caring for orphans and vulnerable children.


The Meaning Of Nonsense

The Meaning of Nonsense is a documentary of 10 min short episodes in which randomly selected people explain what doesn’t make sense for them in life. You would be surprised to find out how much sense it makes when we try to find out what doesn’t make sense for us. In a way, we are trying to find a “Common Nonsense”, because as we all know, a common sense doesn’t exists.